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Certificates of Deposits

  • Issued by banks and credit unions

  • Insured by FDIC

  • Triggers tax event when rolled over

  • Does not allow paartial withdrawals



  • Protected by state guarantee funds

  • Can be rolled over without a tax event

  • Can withdraw up to 10% of the value of the annuity

Benefits of Annuities

1. No confusing introductory “teaser” rates, just our straightforward fixed rate of interest. No front-end load or annual policy administration fee.

2. Annuities offer a minimum guaranteed rate of interest to help protect your original investment. Your money will always be growing . . . it's guaranteed.

3. Income payments can be designed by the policy owner to fit specific annuitant or beneficiary needs

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-annual

  • Annually

  • Let it grow tax deferred by not taking out the interest

4. During high income years you can defer income tax until retirement when taxable income is most likely lower

5. In the event of death, all proceeds can pass directly to the named beneficiary without surrender charge, probate delay, estate settlement costs or publicity.

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