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This is for nonprofits 501c3, governmental entities and Tribal entities only. Your organization has an alternative to State Unemployment Taxes in all states This is  safe, cost-saving alternatives to State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA). Alternative to State Unemployment Tax is a quick and easy way to save money for other projects. The application starts you on your way to big savings averaging 30%-40% of state total unemployment tax paid this year.

If your organization is paying the state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax, you are most likely overpaying for unemployment insurance.

Here are some examples:

–Housing Authority, 41 employees, SUI tax $37,654, First Non-Profit Group (FNG) $16,269, savings of $21,385 or 57%.

–School, 220 employees, SUI tax $35,587, FNG $27,404, savings of $8,183 or 23%.

–Shelter, 24 employees, SUI tax $13,345, FNG $8,801, saving of $4,544 or 34%.

This plan helps cash flow as it paid in  4 installments instead of 2 installments.

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